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We manufacture a wide variety of machines at I.M.S. and stock parts for them as well

Beef Processing plant equipment


Ram Pumps, I.M.S. Lowerator, Product Sampler, 2 Pin Indexer, Vertical Indexer, Paddle Bone Puller, Diverts, Anti Tie Down Feather Bone Buster, Splitting Platforms, Intestine Machines, Intestine Flapper, 2nd Leg Switch, Head Hold Down, Up Puller-Head Hold Down Combination, Clothes Pin Down, Puller and Stimulator, Side Puller, Clothes Pin Guards, Carcass Leg Spreader, Hide Press, Mechanical Cooker Seal-Specialty Mechanical Seals

Parts We Can Manufacture


Wide Variety of Shear Pins, Stainless Steel Hooks (Hide, Tongue, Liver, Head, Trolley, Meat Hanging Clamps), Auger Shafts, Gear Box Shafts, Stainless Steel Square Conveyor Shafts, Tripe Shafts, Nuts, Flanges, Jaw Breaker Shafts, Butcher Boy Shafts, Housings, Restrainer Shafts, Sprockets, Restrainer Saddles (Plastic or Metal), Decline Shafts, Sprockets, Plastic Slats, Idler Rollers, Shafts

Gut Table Shafts and Sprockets, Shaft  Chain Support Brackets, Axles and Plastic Rollers, Wide Variety of Conveyor Rollers and Shafts Lagged or Vulcanized, Palletizer Shafts and Rollers, Palletizer Divider Slats and Shifting Shoes, Incline Rollers and Shafts.


We Build 50 Different Parts For Flesher Machine

Case Sealer Rollers and Shafts, Flight Bars, Cryovac Seal Seat Bars, Slip Ring Repair or Replacement, Drive Shafts, Indexer Pins and Bushings, 

Tray Former Shafts, Bushings, Rollers

Angle Iron Guides for Red Beef Restrainer

Waling Beam Plastic Wear Strips

Product Sampler Core Drill Tubes

Carcass Wash Bodies, Seals, Spinners, Water Hose Spray nozzles

Impellers, Soap Dispensers-Stainless Steel or Aluminum, Bird Feed Tubes-Edible or Inedible, Sterilizing Tanks and Sinks, Ram Pump Pistons and Barrels, Tie Rods, Hide Mixer Trunions-Cast Iron or Plastic, ROTO Screen Wheels and Axles, Carcass Stimulator Wands and Brackets, Cooker Seals-ANCO, Dupps, Front and Rear Alloy Boss, Feathers 16 Spring, Coagulator Seals, Lowerator Shafts and Saddles, Spinal VAC Handles, Cutting Boards Cut to Size


We Stock From 1/8” to 2” Thick Sheets

We Stock Round UHMW from ½”OD to 12”OD

Plastic Bushings with Dead Shafts

Plastic Paddles for Ethanol Plants and Other Industries

Other Services, Rebuild Gear Boxes from Many Manufacturers Including


Hub City, Dodge, Rexnord, Sumitomo, V Mag, Cryovac, Roltex, Riechelle, Sakias, Weiller Grinder, Voider Gear Boxes, Brevinias, Browning, Anco Cooker Seal Gear Boxes

Rebuild Pumps from Many Manufacturers Including


Busch, Peerless, Waukesha, Worthington, Bean Pumps, Tallow Pumps

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair or Replacements from Many Manufacturers Including


Parker, TJ, Rexroth, Ortman, Milwaukee, Miller, Prince

Wide Variety of Air Valves in Stock Including


Triple A & Mac

Wide Variety of Hyd Valves in Stock Including


Continental, Vickers and Rexroth

We Have CNC and Manual Controlled Machines with Capabilities of Doing Pretty Much Any Kind of Machining You May Need from General Maching to Custom Maching to Prototyping.


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